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K té okurkové sezóně...

Sice je okurková sezóna, ale s oidiem ve vinicích se taky rozhodně nenudíme. Proto maily podobné níže uvedenému jen a jen potěší...
...díky a bylo mi ctí spolupracovat!

"In early May I wrote to tell you, as a valued contributor, that the fourth edition of our Oxford Companion to Wine published last September had won a James Beard Award in the US. Now I’m delighted to report that, along with the great Pierre Galet’s latest work, the international wine organisation OIV has given it their Grand Prix, recognising it as the greatest work published on wine last year.

It is unusual for repeat editions of a book to be so garlanded, but it is so rewarding to see that knowledgeable wine people recognise how much work went into this new edition. Thank you very much for your contribution. You can follow news and reviews of the 4th Oxford Companion at

With very best wishes,

The 24-Hour Wine Expert £4.99 Penguin paperback
New, much-revised 4th edn of The Oxford Companion to Wine
The World Atlas of Wine, 7th edn - iPad version too
Wine Grapes - winner of every major wine book award 2012-13 - award-winning, updated immoderately - updated in moderation"

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