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Jak se u nás líbilo Olivii Egbert

Olivia Egbert z Colorado, toho času na toulkách světem
Olivia Egbert, Date: September 11, 2017, From: United States

I had a great time! Thank you Richard and Stanya for being such fantastic hosts during my two weeks in Nemcicky!

Overall I felt the exchange was balanced and fair. The accommodation was a private room in a flat with WiFi.
On an average day we started out with a nice breakfast of fresh home made goodies (goat cheese, jams, bread, meats) then we would head out and take care of the more strenous tasks in the morning while the weather was still cool (hoeing, chopping wood, shoveling compost). After 4 or so hours we'd take lunch with more fresh and filling food (stews, roasts, cheeses, breads). We'd take 2-3 hours off before working again. Typically our afternoon tasks were not very strenous and often indoors, avoiding the hottest part of the day. Dinner always had an amazing meal and a few glasses of fantastic wine.

We had a lot of laughs around the dinner table and throughout the day. As a helper, I got to see both the rewards and drawbacks of being so self-sufficient and running a business making natural organic wine. I also learned a lot about Moravian culture. While Nemcicky looks small on the map...this little town can party!! On both weekends during my stay there were local celebrations featuring folk music and other traditions.

Overall 10/10. Thanks again!   

We thank you, Olivia. It was pleasure to meet you and host you for such a short while!